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AWRAD Staff - Palestine:
Nader Foqahaa, PhD
Founder and President
Reem Ziad-Ghattas
Executive Director
Kirsty Wright
Senior Researcher
Mohammad F. Shuaibi
Research and media coordinator 
Zuhdi Hashweh
Research Analyst
Samer Said
Nicolas Hyman
Joyce Kashou’
Hisham AL Satari
Field coordinator (Gaza)
Yasser Mustafa 
Jamal Abu Shamma
May Nazzal 
Field supervisor (North West Bank)
Ghada Sha'fout 
Field supervisor (South West Bank)
Basem Ahmad 
Data entry specialist (West Bank)
Ali AlBandi
Data entry specialist (Gaza)
Dr. Foqahaa is currently the President of AWRAD, supervising all of its research and training projects. He comes into AWRAD with his long-term experience as a leader of prestigious research projects and institutions. Dr. Foqahaa contributed to the establishment of one of the largest research centers in Palestine in 1996, the Center for Palestine Research & Studies in Nablus.He was responsible for the establishment and management of the Development Studies Centre at Birzeit University, and produced scores of development – related studies (see, home.birzeit.edu/dsp).
Working with Birzeit University, Dr. Foqahaa initiated and supervised numerous numbers of surveys, need assessments, and evaluation studies and utilized quantitative and qualitative tools. These studies were carried out in close cooperation with local and international, government and non-government, institutions. Dr. Foqhaa is considered as one of the leading regional and international experts in the fields of human, community and social development. This is in addition to his renowned caliber in research and policy formulation.
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