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AWRAD Profile

AWRAD is an independent research center (registered with the Ministry of Economy). AWRAD works in social political and economic research and development through sound and rigorous policy and applied research.

Its' experienced staff established and managed some of the most prestigious research centers locally and regionally. AWRAD provides its clients with reliable and robust data, analyses and recommendations on various development-related issues. The regional and international experience of AWRAD helps provide a wider perspective on methodology and analyses.  AWRAD utilizes the highest standards in research methods including surveys, opinion polls, focus groups, in-depth interviews, and case studies.

The AWRAD team is comprised of renowned experts who gained regional and international prominence. AWRAD recruited the most experienced filed researchers, supervisors, facilitators, data experts and statisticians.

Dr. Nader Foqahaa, who is considered as a pioneer in his field, locally, regionally and internationally, heads the AWRAD team. Dr. Foqahaa's experience is deeply rooted in his academic education as a sociologist graduating from American universities, with a focus on sociology of development and research methodology.

He had been instrumental in promoting a culture of research in the Arab world. His experience in the fields of interest played a major role in promoting research methodology and scientific research in general.

Dr. Foqahaa is well-known for his leadership for some of the most pioneering work in the region. His leadership of the Palestinian Human Development Reports, with UNDP and the PNA, for ten years, and his close involvement with the Arab Human Development Report are examples.

Dr. Foqahaa is also a pioneer in the field of survey research, including his work on three exit polls taking place in the West Bank and Gaza during 1996, 2005 and 2006, considered as the first of their kind in the Arab World.

He presented the results of his reputable research in a number of prestigious academic institutions and gatherings including Harvard University, MIT, University of PENN, SOAS, Jordan University, etc…His contributions are marked in the following countries: Yemen, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar, Oman, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, and Pakistan. Dr. Foqahaa was recruited by the most prestigious international developmental - government and non government - institutions including the World Bank, USAID, EU, UNDP, UNFPA, UNIFEM, MEPI, NDI, IRI, IFES, JICA and DFID.


AWRAD provides services in the following fields of interest:

  1. Quantitative and Qualitative Research in social political and economic fields.
  2. Survey research and opinion polling.
  3. Capacity building and training in the fields of quantitative and qualitative research, analytical writing and report preparation.
  4. Data and statistical analysis.
  5. Socio-economic analysis of development-related policies, programs and projects.
  6. Needs assessments, and monitoring and evaluation research.
  7. Research management and supervision.

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