AWRAD Regional

AWRAD has diverse experience working across the Arab region. Our team of experts has extensive experience in the region and AWRAD’s team is successfully implementing multiple cross regional projects. We have provided services ranging from data collection and management to consulting and capacity development in multiple countries at a time. Additionally, AWRAD has established a network of similar research and development organizations across the Arab region, which allows us to collaborate extensively and maintain a presence across the region. In the past years, AWRAD’s team has conducted polls in refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine, convened focus groups in Yemen, Morocco, Oman, Tunisia, Libya and trained researchers in Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Qatar, Iraq and Libya. As of 2015, AWRAD is conducting operations in 17 different Arab countries.

AWRAD’s comparative advantage is our strength in working in fragile, transitional and post-conflict countries. Our experts have academic and professional experience in these environments and are skilled in calibrating research designs and methodologies accounting for the unique situations and conduct of subsequent field work. AWRAD’s work serves to empower national capacities and lead model research projects. AWRAD assists Arab institutions in building their capacity in policy development, strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation, and research. AWRAD also works in the fields of social policy and planning.

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AWRAD experienced staff and experts conduct high-quality independent research, and produce innovative recommendations and policy solutions. AWRAD's motto is "Quality Research Matters".