An Eye on Palestine  

Compass is an initiative recently launched by AWRAD to provide tracking and analysis of survey data, trends and current events in Palestine and abroad. Compass is an effort to combine the data collected from the AWRAD polls with the analysis, perspective and academic background of AWRAD's office experts and analysts. In effect, Compass focuses on the stories in the data that are not revealed on the surface, focusing on the deeper meaning of certain results, the circumstances that may have induced them and what these perceptions or responses could mean for future developments or initiatives. Examples of Compass topics include the peace process, empowerment of women and youth, prospects for Palestinian development and foreign relations.

Additionally, AWRAD uses its opinion polling data to track perceptions and support for significant political and social issues. Beneath is a collection of the most vital indicators and trends as they relate to these topics. This list iS regularly updated upon the completion of AWRAD’s polls

    • Social Trends

      Social Trends
    • Peace & Negotiations

      Peace & Negotiations
  • Living Conditions

    Living Conditions
    • Elections & Political Affiliation

      Elections & Political Affiliation
    • Internal Political Issues

      Internal Political Issues
    • Evaluation of Leaders

      Evaluation of Leaders
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