Arab Perceptions of Women Leaders in Media, Civil and Political Avenues.” Arab Women Leadership Institute (AWLI) – Jordan. 2014-On-going.

For this assignment, AWRAD distributed 6,000 questionnaires across 3 countries (Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Yemen). The aim of this project, funded by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), was to provide an improved understanding of public perceptions towards women. The questionnaire contained both country-specific questions asking about women and country-specific media outlets, country-specific civil society organizations, and country-specific political parties and institutions. The questionnaire also asked a large set of unified questions to develop a regional understanding of public perceptions of women leaders and women leadership activity.
Women’s Participation in the Social, Economic and Political Context in the Arab World.” (Covering Tunisia, Libya, and Yemen). Arab Women Leadership Institute (AWLI). 2013-2014.
For this assignment AWRAD distributed 6,000 questionnaires and conducted 8 focus groups across three countries in the Arab World: Libya, Tunisia and Yemen. The aim of this project, funded by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), was to address prevailing social and political norms related to women’s involvement in a wide range of sectors. After completing fieldwork in all three Arab states, AWRAD’s office team developed three PowerPoint presentations and a 100-page report for AWLI. The report highlighted the critical findings on women’s involvement in the economic and political sectors, as well as social perceptions, attitudes and restrictions related to their involvement. Particularly significant to AWRAD’s proposal, the final analytical report and PowerPoint presentations were designed to help influence policy on women’s inclusion throughout the Arab World by providing data on priorities and programming needs.
Building the Capacity of Yemen Polling Center (YPC).Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI). 2007.

AWRAD and its staff played a major role in the establishment and continued capacity building of the YPC. AWRD was contracted by MEPI to help build the capacity of the YPC though designing their research systems and field work protocols including sampling and interviewing. AWRAD also trained about 40 field researchers of the YPC staff. This work was done during a number of visits to the country.

Assessment of the Juvenile Justice System in Yemen: This study was supported by the EU and PRI, where a field visit took place to the various regions of Yemen. Meetings, interviews, focus groups and field visits were utilized to enrich the study.

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