Nationwide Surveys of the Egyptian and Tunisian Adult Populations.University of Toronto. 2014-On-going.
AWRAD is currently engaged in a public opinion polling project across Egypt and Tunisia intended to explore and measure the social distribution and political significance of democratic attitudes and intolerance in the region and identify the main individual-level and contextual-level factors underlying the recent Arab revolutions and their aftermath. The poll targets 1,570 individuals in each country and is representative of all demographic factors. Questions measure socioeconomic demographics, participation in events surrounding the revolutions, attitudes towards different types of political rule and practices and change over time in personal security. Once the data has been collected and analyzed, analytical reports will be published in scholarly journals.
“Arab Women Report (Women and Decision Making)” Center for Arab Women for Research and Training (CAWTAR). 2003-2007.

AWRAD has cooperated with CAWTAR on a number of occasions most notably, in the preparation of the Arab Women Report (Women and Decision Making). Three AWRAD researchers led the endeavor. They coordinated the regional work in six countries including Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Sudan, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon. Various research and training work with CAWTAR has entailed eight visits to Tunisia since 2003.


2004-2005, UNFPA – New York & Cairo Demographic Center – A number of Missions to Egypt, Senior Consultant, an Evaluation Research on the Status of Egypt in Relation to MDGS, Population, Gender, and the Role of Civil Society.

2002-2004, Education Action – UK, with TEAM Consulting – Cairo, Senior Research Supervisor & Senior Trainer, a 3-month Training Young Women on Gender – Based Research Methods (Needs Assessments, Evaluation Research, Focus Groups, etc.).

December 2010 – June 2011, Senior Researcher, SIDA and Penal Reform International, Evaluation of PRI's Regional Juvenile Justice Programme (2006-2010), in Five Arab Countries: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Yemen.

2004-2009, Egypt - National Planning Center – Ministry of Planning, Senior Trainer on Human Development, Research and Planning.



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