Refugee Research Project.” (Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan). The US-Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI), Williams & Associates. 2008.

To fulfil this project AWRAD has completed field research in Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan to assess the living conditions and needs of Palestinian refugees in these 3 states. The project’s data collection strategy was defined by survey research, in-depth interviews and focus groups. Over 3,000 refugees, inside and outside of refugee camps were interviewed in the three states. The central themes addressed throughout the assessment were living conditions, human relations, and political recommendations to address, and ideally resolve, outstanding issues. At the conclusion of the project, AWRAD issued a series of conclusions designed to guide the programming and focus of stakeholders.
“Training on Human Rights.” Arab Organization for Human Rights (AOHR). 2008.
Dr. Said served as the main trainer in workshop organized by the AOHR for Arab human rights activists from the Arab region with a focus on Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria. The workshop took place in Beirut, 2008.
“Arab Women Report (Women and Decision Making)” Center for Arab Women for Research and Training (CAWTAR). 2003-2007.
AWRAD has cooperated with CAWTAR on a number of occasions most notably, in the preparation of the Arab Women Report (Women and Decision Making). Three AWRAD researchers led the endeavor. They coordinated the regional work in six countries including Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Sudan, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon. Various research and training work with CAWTAR has entailed eight visits to Tunisia since 2003.
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