Saudi Arabia

Arab Perceptions of Women Leaders in Media, Civil and Political Avenues.” Arab Women Leadership Institute (AWLI) – Jordan. 2014-2015

For this assignment, AWRAD distributed 6,000 questionnaires across 3 countries (Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Yemen). The aim of this project, funded by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), was to provide an improved understanding of public perceptions towards women. The questionnaire contained both country-specific questions asking about women and country-specific media outlets, country-specific civil society organizations, and country-specific political parties and institutions. The questionnaire also asked a large set of unified questions to develop a regional understanding of public perceptions of women leaders and women leadership activity.
“Arab Women Report (Women and Decision Making)” Center for Arab Women for Research and Training (CAWTAR). 2003-2007.
AWRAD has cooperated with CAWTAR on a number of occasions most notably, in the preparation of the Arab Women Report (Women and Decision Making). Three AWRAD researchers led the endeavor. They coordinated the regional work in six countries including Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Sudan, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon. Various research and training work with CAWTAR has entailed eight visits to Tunisia since 2003.
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