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21 February 2013: The Public Mood, UN Vote, Gaza Confrontation, Elections, Reconciliation, Government Performance, Evaluation of Leadership and Popular Protests

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Publication Date:  21February 2013
Fieldwork: 10-12 February 2013
Sample Size: 1200 Palestinians
Margin of error: ±3%
  • 95 percent of Gazans support the immediate holding of legislative and presidential elections. 82 percent of West Bank respondents agree.
  • 50 percent say that they have heard of popular protest activities such as the erection of the Bab Al Shams Camp.
  • 69 percent believe that this kind of protest will have real impact on ending the occupation.
  • 65 percent of respondents oppose a new Intifada.
  • The belief that the UN Vote advanced the Palestinian cause declined from 68 percent to 44 percent.
  • 53 percent believe that the latest confrontations and resulting ceasefire in Gaza will not lead to real change in the affairs of Palestinians.
  • 44 percent now prefer the Fatah approach to that of Hamas (28 percent).
  • 68 percent of respondents support a return to negotiations at this time if Israel were to stop settlement building in the West Bank.
  • Support for Fatah has returned to its July 2012 level (42 percent), increasing from 37 percent in December 2012.
  • Since December, support for Hamas has declined by 4 points to 18 percent.
  • The approval rate for President Abbas stands at 58 percent compared to 45 percent for Haniyeh and 39 percent for Fayyad.
  • In a two-way presidential race, Abbas would receive 64 percent compared to 36 percent for Meshaal or Haniyeh.
  • For the position of a Prime Minister in a national unity government, 28 percent prefer Haniyeh while 23 percent prefer Fayyad.
  • Fayyad is more popular in Gaza than in the West Bank, so is Fatah.
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